Good Skin Care Products for Men and Women

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What To Use And Why?

Your skin is exposed to pollution and dirt, daily.  Due to these your complexion turns dull, becomes more susceptible to dirt, and your skin turns oily and grimy. Also, each skin type is unique and will react differently to different pollutants. Before your skin loses its suppleness and radiance, it’s extremely essential to find a perfect solution to maintain healthy and clear skin.

So, stick to the basics and carry the 6 following basic and good skin care products daily in your bag:

Face Wash: One of the most essential skin care product for you is the face wash you use. It’s a must to use a face wash that suits and understands your skin. We all use a face wash to cleanse our face in the morning, but most of the times we do not use the correct face wash for our skin.

Good Skin Care Products for Men and Women

Exfoliating Scrub: As a part of your skin care regime, exfoliating with a scrub is a must atleast once a week or more depending on your skin type and requirement.

Moisturiser: Moisturiser is an all-time essential which keeps your skin well hydrated and supple. Especially during the winters, a good moisturiser for your skin is needed. It holds great importance in one’s skincare regime and finds an important place in the category of essential skin care products.

Sun Screen: Daily, your skin is exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Avoid wandering around in the sun especially from 1 to 4 in the afternoon without a good sun screen. It is a must to prevent your skin from the possible sun damage.

Lip Balm: Your lips are an important part of daily skin care. To avoid chapped and dry lips, always carry a lip balm to keep that pout attractive always!

Make Up Remover: As much as you love applying make up, it is equally important to remove it with a good make up remover to keep your skin clean and fresh always.

What the Garnier Pure Active range can help you with is:

The Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash: It is a mild, soap free formula enriched with the power of natural ingredients like Real Neem Leaf Extracts and Tea Tree Oil. This face wash fights pimples and marks and regular usage can prevent further break outs. For best results, we suggest you use it twice a day.

The Garnier Pure Active Pore Unclogging Wash: The Garnier Pure Active Pore Unclogging Wash is a concentrated formula that deeply purifies pores and prevents the formation of imperfection marks. It contains Salicylic acid and HerbaRepair which are two efficient exfoliant actives. The Garnier Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub:

The Garnier Pure Active Blackheads Uprooting Scrub is an exfoliating scrub, suitable for skin prone to blackheads. It is enriched with excellent exfoliating ingredients that helps root out blackheads and delivers a double ANTI-SPOTS ANTI-MARKS action. Hence, what’s the moral of this story? Healthy skin is a result of a good diet, nutritious food, and regular usage of some essential skin care products.