Daily Skin Care Routine

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Essential Skin Care Tips

What water is to plants, daily skin care is to humans. If you follow this simple rule in life, you certainly will not have to worry about skin problems every day.

On a daily basis your skin is exposed to pollution, harmful UV radiations, dust and dirt which clogs the skin pores. Hence, protect your skin regularly to ensure that your skin feels fresh and clear. Today the market is dominated by effective skin care products containing natural ingredients making daily skin care no more a far fetched dream. It is now simple and easy to follow. It is also important to understand that a daily skin care routine becomes a stepping stone to lifelong healthy skin. It is thus important to accept that daily skin care is no more a choice, but a necessity.

Essential Skin Care Tips

A common notion about daily skin care is that it comprises of 3 basic steps –

  1.  Cleansing – Cleaning your face twice a day is a must as it helps wash away dirt and oil from your skin.
  2. Exfoliating – In order to remove the dead skin cells from your skin and get back the glow, it is essential that you exfoliate your skin atleast 2 – 3 times a week. Don’t skip this step because it helps you get rid of the dull skin and give you clear and glowing skin once again.
  3. Toning – Open pores are more prone to build-up of dirt, impurities, germs and bacteria caused due to pollution, sweat, oil, and humidity. This could make your skin more prone to pimples. A toner is a liquid that helps close/tighten pores. When your pores are minimised, chances of a bacterial infection and consequent pimple problems are minimised.
  4. Moisturising – It is important to use a good moisturiser that protects you from the harmful radiations of the sun and also keeps your skin supple and well hydrated. The moisturiser should suit your skin so that dryness and patchy skin are prevented.

While these steps are crucial for skin care, daily skin care regime is not limited to only these steps. It goes much beyond this including a healthy lifestyle comprising of a regular exercise rituals, sound sleep, enough water consumption and healthy eating habits. A healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet ensure that your skin blushes naturally giving you glowing and healthy skin, always.

So take care of your skin on a daily basis and look fresh everyday!